New Lexus NX interior, interior color and interior dimensions verified!

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Today I’d like to introduce you to the new Lexus NX, which was officially announced and released by Lexus on October 7, 2021. I’m sure there are many people who have been waiting for this day.

The Lexus NX went on sale in July 2014 for the Japanese market. 7 years after the first generation Lexus NX was introduced, it has finally undergone a full model change. It has finally been fully remodeled and released as the “New Lexus NX”.

My janitor, rinmeeee, used to drive a Lexus NX “Urban Style”, but switched to the current Lexus RX “F Sports” before the vehicle inspection.

After all, just the fact that it’s a new model of the Lexus NX, which he used to drive, has an impact on him, and the “new Lexus NX” is one of the cars he’s quite interested in switching to in the future.

I was really looking forward to the full model change of the Lexus NX. There is also some information that has been officially released, so today I would like to introduce the “New Lexus NX” interior and interior design.

This time, I will be introducing the exterior of the Lexus NX. The exterior and exterior have been introduced here, so I hope you’ll read it as well.

新型レクサスNX エクステリア・外装

Unfortunately, as of October 16, 2021, the new Lexus NX is not actually available at dealerships or Lexus Meats stores. So today, I’m going to introduce the interior based on the catalog we received from the dealer, but when the new Lexus NX is actually deployed, I’ll be able to interview the dealer again and bring you photos of the car and a test drive if I can. I hope you will visit again.

It’s been a long time coming, but let’s take a look at the interior of the new Lexus NX!

New Lexus NX interior, interior color, interior dimensions verified!

In this article, we will focus on the interior dimensions, interior and interior color of the new Lexus NX.
Let’s compare the interior of the popular Lexus NX, including color variations and interior options, grade by grade.
The interior is very important when considering the purchase of a new Lexus NX.
The driver of a car spends more time with the interior in view than the exterior of the car, so you should choose your favorite interior combination to enjoy a comfortable car life.

There are four grades of the new Lexus NX: NX 450h +, NX 350h, NX 350, and NX 250. This difference is also different from the previous generation Lexus NX. The previous generation Lexus NX had only two grades, the NX300h and NX300. So are there any differences between the four grades of the NX 450ht+, NX350h, NX350, and NX250? We’d like to take a closer look at how the interior seat materials and interior design differ between the base grade, version L, and F-sport, as well as the interior color and interior size.
If you’re thinking of buying one, we hope you’ll find this information useful.


What are the grades and versions of the new Lexus NX?

Before we move on to the main topic here, let’s review the grades and versions of the new Lexus NX.

“NX 450h +: F Sport, Version L

“NX 350h → F Sport, Version L, Standard Grade

“NX350 – F Sport

“NX250 – Version L, standard grade


“NX250” -> “Version L” -> “Standard Grade”

You can select a grade from these options. “If you choose the NX250, you can’t choose the “f Sport” grade, and if you choose the NX350, you can only choose the “f Sport” grade.

These are some of the features of the new Lexus NX.

So what are the differences between the NX 450h +, NX350h, NX350 and NX250? “If you’re thinking about buying one of these models, you’ll definitely want to take a closer look at the interior materials, interior design, interior colors, and interior dimensions.
If you are thinking of purchasing one, please refer to this page.

What are the internal dimensions (size) of the new Lexus NX?

Let’s start with the interior dimensions (size) of the Lexus NX.
Interior length: 1805mm
Interior width: 1520mm
Interior height: 1195mm
The width and height are larger than the previous model, but the interior length has become shorter. Probably due to the enlarged navigation system and engine compartment, the interior length has become shorter.

The old Lexus NX was 2080mm in length, 1520mm in width, and 1180mm in height, so this is a point of interest when comparing the new and old Lexus NX.

Then there is the RX, one model above the others, which is a popular Lexus crossover. Many people are wondering which one to buy with this RX, so let’s compare them.
The Lexus RX was fully remodeled in October 2015 and has become a larger model.

The internal dimensions (size) of the current Lexus RX are
Interior length: 2230mm
Interior width: 1590mm
Interior height: 1200mm

interior height: 1200mm.

There is only a 2cm difference in the interior height.
As expected, the RX is slightly wider in width, so the roominess when three people are riding in the back seat is different, but when only two people are riding in the back seat, there is plenty of room, and people who test drive it for the first time often feel that it is surprisingly spacious.
I think it’s a size that’s not too cramped for a family outing.

However, the size of the interior of the new Lexus NX has been reduced, so the rear seats and other areas may actually be smaller.


Interior colors of the new Lexus NX! Popular colors and standard colors

Let’s take a look at the interior colors and popular colors of the Lexus NX, as well as the standard colors.
There are four Lexus NX models in the lineup: the NX 450h +, NX350h, NX350, and NX250, but there are no major differences in the interiors of these four models.

There are no major differences in the interiors and interiors of these four models. The differences are in the grades.
The grades of the Lexus NX are
“The Lexus NX comes in three grades: version-L, F-sport, and standard grade. The “I-package” that was previously available is no longer available for the new Lexus NX. As with the old Lexus NX, the major differences between the grades are the seat material and color, and the ornament panel.

Seat material

Standard grade: L-tex [L-tex], a synthetic leather seat. Previously, these seats were made of fabric, but now synthetic leather seats similar to real leather have been introduced. However, these seats are easy to clean and are made of a material similar to genuine leather, so even the standard model of the new Lexus NX has a very high quality feel.

Version-L: Genuine leather seats

F-sport: Exclusive genuine leather seats

This is the first time I’ve seen such a thing.
The material of the seats differs greatly depending on the grade.
The higher the grade, the closer to genuine leather.

Next is the interior color (seat color).

Black (Black)
Standard on the standard grade and Version-L.

Dark Rose
Standard on the standard grade and Version-L.

Standard equipment on Version-L

Black & Cream
Standard equipment for Version-L

White (White)
White for F-sport only, standard on F-sport

Flare Red
Red for F-sport only, standard equipment on F-sport

Black for F-sport
F-sport exclusive black, standard equipment on F-sport

The new Lexus NX has a lot of variations in the interior.

The old NX had a wide range of interior and interior variations, but with the new Lexus NX, the I-package is gone and the interior and interior variations are a little less.

This is the standard interior color for the new Lexus NX!

The standard grade of the new Lexus NX is available in two colors, black or dark rose, but most people seem to choose black, the standard interior color.
Dark Rose is also a calm and stylish red.

For the interior of the new Lexus NX, the seats of the standard grade are now L-tex, and this color is also expected to be very popular.

These are the most popular interior colors for the Lexus NX “F-sport”!

As for the F-sport, you can choose from three colors: White, Flare Red, and Black.
The most popular are white and black. White is a crystal clear white and quite elegant.
Black is the exclusive black for F-sport, and is a chic black.
The Flare Red is much redder than the Dark Rose.
I guess there are different tastes.
The seats of the F-sport are exclusive genuine leather sports seats, and they are made using the “skin-integrated foaming method”.
The ideal concave cross-section created by molding the seat and the surface skin at the same time provides a sharp design, excellent fit, and high hold.
The seats are designed for “Sport,” providing comfortable seating in everyday use and firm support during sports driving.
There are also differences in the ornament panels for each grade.

In the old Lexus NX, there were many ornament panels to choose from, but this time there are only three colors to choose from.

The three colors are Ash, Dark Spin Aluminum, and Microdot Piano Black.

What did you think? So far, we’ve introduced the interior of the new Lexus NX, and compared to the old Lexus NX, there are some major changes.
As more information about the new Lexus NX becomes available, will continue to update the interior of the new Lexus NX.


In the next article, we will bring you the detailed visual interior and interior design of the new Lexus NX, including the navigation system and speedometer. We hope you will visit again. mainly provides information on Lexus vehicles. We will continue to provide a variety of information on Lexus vehicles, so please visit us!

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